Our Pledge to Donors

Vision House’s Pledge to You

We believe that you, the donor, have the right to expect the following:

Regarding Vision House:

  • To know of Vision House’s mission.
  • To have access to Vision House’s most recent financial statements.
  • To know who is serving on Vision House’s governing board; that they will use wise and sound judgment in all of their responsibilities.

Regarding communications:

  • That all relationships with individuals representing Vision House will be professional in nature.
  • To be informed whether someone reaching out to you is a Vision House volunteer or employee.
  • To have the choice to add your name to or delete it from any Vision House mailing (event invitations, newsletter, e-news, construction updates, requests for financial support, volunteer needs, etc).
  • To receive only truthful and honest information regarding the financial circumstances of the organization.

Regarding donations:

  • To know how we intend to use donations and that we use them effectively.
  • To know your gifts will be used for the purposes for which you gave them.
  • To be able to ask questions when making a donation.
  • To receive prompt, truthful and respectful answers to your questions.
  • To receive appropriate and timely acknowledgement and recognition for your contributions.
  • To be assured that information about your donation is handled with respect and confidentiality.
  • To know we will not share or sell your personal information with anyone else, nor send you mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Regarding our fundraising philosophy:

  • That we are protective of our residents’ privacy.
  • That we will be truthful, honest and educational.
  • That we will never be manipulative.
  • That we strive to make your experience transformational not transactional.
  • That we are motivated by faith and teamwork, not competition.
  • That we welcome all to participate, respecting Vision House’s ability to serve in accordance with our statement of faith.

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