If you are in need of other community resources in King County or are in crisis, please contact Crisis Clinic

If you are in need of other community resources in King County or are in crisis, please contact Crisis Clinic. We have found Crisis Clinic to have the most comprehensive and updated information available in King County. Crisis Clinic is a useful resource tool for many needed services including: emergency and homeless services, shelter, low-cost housing, food services, financial services, health care, youth resources, counseling/mental health services and many more.

The information provided below as well as a web link is courtesy of Crisis Clinic. Please contact them for a listing of additional services.

Crisis Clinic, 24-Hour Crisis Line

206-461-3219 TTY

The 24-Hour Crisis Line gives immediate help to people in emotional crisis. Trained phone workers talk with callers about their concerns, help them sort through their feelings, explore coping strategies, and refer callers to agencies that may provide additional help. They also work with callers experiencing mental health problems, anxiety, depression and those considering suicide. The 24-Hour Crisis Line is a unique resource for family and friends of persons with a mental illness. Phone workers can help determine if the behaviors you are observing warrant further professional consultation and can link you to appropriate public or private agencies.

Crisis Clinic, Community Information Line

Mon.-Fri., 8am – 6pm

The Community Information Line provides expert assistance to people seeking information about community resources in King County. Information and Referral Specialists explain how the social service system works and coach callers on how to present their situation and how to make the best use of the resources they have. Information and referral specialists also provide advocacy and follow-up for callers who have difficulty accessing services on their own. In addition, the Community Information Line operates the Bed Bank which tracks openings at various women and family shelters in order to direct callers to the shelter that can best meet their needs, as well as employing a Caregiver and a Disability Specialist.