To save a child

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To save a child

My name is Brittney and my story is really about God saving a child by leading me to Vision House. When I look back, there are just so many instances when you can see Him at work in my life.

I guess the beginning was the realization that I was having a baby and I was now responsible for the life of another. My life was a series of bad decisions. I was pregnant. I was not married. And my baby’s father was a drug addict.

I had no money. I was living with the baby’s father and all I could see was another ruined life that would be my fault. The guilt was unbearable. But I didn’t know what to do.

My doctor told me about Vision House. Can you believe that? Out of the blue he asked me how I was doing and I found a friend. He said that I was thinking clearly about the well being of the baby and that Vision House could help me.

I called Vision House and they sent me the application forms. But then I froze. It was the first of the hard choices that I had to make. To leave the baby’s father and be alone and pregnant was more than I thought I could do.

So I stayed where I was except now God took over. The message was clear and constant “Get Out”. I was afraid. But the message kept coming over and over. And then the struggling begin – me with myself. My fear against my guilt for staying. My anxiety level was almost crippling at times. I had no peace while I stayed there.

I filled out the forms and sent them back to Vision House. They called me and I went for an interview with Anne Snook. I still had not made up my mind to leave my baby’s father but I knew God was pushing me to Vision House.

I left the interview and I knew this was God showing me the way. There was no doubt that Vision House was His choice. But was I going to be obedient to His calling? It was as clear as day. I had a choice to make for me and my baby.

I know now that there will always be struggling, anxiety and guilt for those who choose not to follow the path of the Lord. I know that I have to be accountable for the decisions that I make.

Vision House is a family, a support group, loving people taught me how to make good decisions. They helped me find my self esteem.

I’m married now, have a second child on the way and will move into a new home in a few weeks. My four year old is doing great, happy and healthy and well adjusted. I tell my story to anyone that is having problems like I had. Be obedient and follow the Lord. He is there for you. Listen for His message.

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