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Abandoned At Fourteen

By the age of 14, I was addicted to cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and pills. My mom didn’t know what to do with me, so she gave up.

She took me to a seedy area of south Seattle, handed me $20, a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer and drove away.

I was immediately taken in by prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers who preyed on me for years. I was bought, sold and traded. At age 18 I had my first child; however I was still using drugs and falling deeper into my addiction. I was now addicted to meth.

Over the years, I committed many crimes and eventually got caught. I was looking at the possibility of spending 5 – 7 years in prison. Fortunately, all the charges against me were dropped due to a technicality. By this time I had had four children. I had given two of them up for adoption and the other two were living with family because I was unable to care for them.

I was falling into a hopeless pit of despair; I felt like such a failure; I felt like my life was over. I began committing more crimes and raging on everything and everyone. One day I decided to end my life.

I bought enough heroin to overdose and headed to the beach where I wanted to die. While I was driving, I had a conversation with God, who I had never believed in and actually hated. I said out loud, “You know what…I believe it’s my time to die and I’m excited about it. But if for some crazy reason I don’t die, I’m going to believe that you’re real because only a miracle will stop me.”

A few minutes later, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a police car coming my way. I was in a stolen truck, so I pulled into a fast food restaurant, grabbed the needle and drugs and ran into the restroom so I could end my life as quickly as possible. When I got into the bathroom stall, I couldn’t find the drugs. I must have dropped them. I waited for about 30 minutes. When I came out, the police were gone, the truck was gone and everything looked normal. And I wasn’t dead. A miracle happened that day, February 27, 2012.

Since then, God has healed me. My rage, the obsession with drugs, the suicidal thoughts…..all gone. My kids and I moved into Vision House where we received counseling, loving guidance, and training in basic life skills that I had never been taught. The staff at Vision House helped me get my driver’s license, a car and even a job.

Vision House was another miracle in my life. They showed me and my family so much love and compassion, but at the same time they held me accountable for setting goals and making progress so I could become self-sufficient. Today my kids and I are doing good. We’re living in our own apartment, I have a steady job and they’re doing good in school. Our future looks brighter than I ever thought it would.

I want to thank you for supporting Vision House. I have experienced firsthand just how much community support is needed to help people like me get another chance. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without you.

Thanks and God bless you,

2 thoughts on “Abandoned At Fourteen

  1. This is an amazing story of God’s grace and mercy. Thank you Vision House for serving those in need and doing with such respect.

  2. I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for almost 5 minutes after reading this because I’m just speechless. What a powerful testimony of God’s love and provision, and of this woman’s courage and commitment to do the hard work!
    Thank you for sharing this and God bless you!

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