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Chloe Was Isolated and In Real Danger

Chloe was terrified. She hadn’t felt safe in a long time ever since she met her boyfriend. The abuse had been bad, but recently it got so much worse that Chloe feared for her life. She took her son, Isaac, and moved out of their apartment. After several months of living from couch to couch, Chloe heard about Vision House from a friend.

Thanks to your generosity, Chloe is now safe at Vision House. Chloe and Isaac wouldn’t have this amazing story of healing without you and the new home you gave them.

Chloe’s boyfriend is actually the reason she lives in Washington. She has no family here and not very many friends. So, when the abuse first began, she had no one to turn to. Which is exactly what he wanted. Chloe felt isolated, alone and in real danger. She began to feel worthless.

When she first heard of Vision House she was reluctant to reach out but she met with a staff member anyway. It was the first time in a long time she felt heard. Chloe finally found someone who cared about her and her son’s well-being.

After months of couch-surfing with her son, she’s now safe at Vision House.

Yes, your gift provides safe housing. But you also provide the care that women like Chloe desperately need after fleeing domestic violence situations where they feel worthless, unloved and all alone.

Thank you for caring for families like Chloe’s and for giving them a place to live and time to start over with their kids. The healing process isn’t easy, but I know you’re determined to help women heal from their traumas.

Now Chloe is in a place where she and Isaac can move back home with her parents. She will be going back to school once she moves and her parents are very excited to see their grandson!

Thank you for rescuing families like Chloe’s.

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