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Even Rain Isn’t Slowing Construction

There’s now a floor to stand on and walls up for much of the second level of Building B! While the rainy weather has made movement a challenge, the wonderful workers from Polygon Homes have barely been slowed by it. Often Vision House staff will see them carrying beams twice as tall as them on their own and swinging them with seeming ease onto the forklift! The sidewalk outside the daylight basement was laid during a dry spell, the work starting early in the day last week when the breath of the workers was still visible in the freezing morning air.

It’s a source of amusement for staff and workers to wave to one another when one walks along the balcony of Building A – now at the same level as the work zone of Building B. Before we know it, it seems, the project will be high in the sky passing the treetops, bringing our dreaming of the Lord’s work to come to even greater heights in the months ahead.

CLICK HERE to read about our kick-off event taking place Sunday, January 27th!

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