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Sabrina escaped domestic violence, but her troubles didn’t end there

Sabrina originally lived on the other side of the country with her three kids and her boyfriend. She ended up moving to Washington to get as far away as possible from him and the abuse. Sabrina didn’t know anyone who lived here, she just figured the farther away she moved, the less likely it was that her boyfriend would find her.

Once Sabrina and her kids moved, she thought she was finally free from her ex-boyfriend’s grasp. Little did she know that wasn’t the case.

Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend purposely put her name on the lease without telling her. While you might think this is a positive situation, it was actually a way for him to continue to manipulate and control her life.

When she took the kids and left, he walked out on their apartment too – putting the blame on Sabrina. In the state they were living in, they don’t take into consideration domestic violence situations.

So, Sabrina is now linked to walking out on a lease. This makes it almost impossible to find housing in Washington for her and her kids. Thankfully they found their way to Vision House because of the generosity of ministry supporters.

Since being at Vision House, Sabrina talks about how much her life has changed – it’s like night and day. She has grown mentally, emotionally and physically.

Sabrina never thought that was possible after all the abuse and trauma she experienced, but now she’s more confident and independent. She even went back to school!

Thanks to those who believe in this mission for giving Sabrina safe housing when she thought it was impossible – and for giving her a new start!

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