snow and construction

Construction In 19 Degree Weather

construction and snowmanThe workers weren’t able to keep working on Monday, tried on Tuesday, and finally charged forth in 19 degree temperatures on Wednesday! Break time was called for immediately when we went up to the third floor of Building A to shout “There’s coffee!” across to Building B. They’re approaching completeness of the third floor, and will be putting the trusses for the roof up over the few weeks. Please be praying for the workers safety and encouragement as we experience this winter weather!

That’s not the only exciting news happening at Vision House! We are praising the Lord this afternoon, as by His grace we were able to expedite the entry process of a new family. They had timed out of their shelter stay and told our entry team they had to start riding the bus at night to stay warm while their car was in the shop– a crisis any season, but made all the worse by this week’s freezing temperatures and the impending snow storm. We weren’t expecting to have the available unit or paperwork ready until the end of next week, but with some teamwork and providence, they got to unlock the door of their new unit as the first flakes started to fall!

icicles and constructionWe’re so grateful that God in His mercy got them inside before the storm, and ask that you would join us in prayer for all the other families that remain sheltered only by their vehicles or the mercy of public transportation operators. Thank you to all who have given the funds, time, and prayers for Vision House to be able to offer this first night of safety and all those to come.

Vision House
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