young afro-American woman

Lauren finally feels safe

Lauren is no stranger to abuse. She grew up with it and met a man who became abusive. The relationship started out great, but once they got married everything went downhill. Night and day Lauren feared for her life, but she didn’t want to just leave her husband.

One day she found out she was pregnant. Lauren was so excited! Not only was she bringing a child into this world, but she was hoping the abuse would stop once she told her husband. It didn’t.

Lauren knew she needed to find safety for her baby, so she fled. She spent several months in and out of shelters and living on the streets.

Eventually she found her way to Vision House. When she arrived, Lauren was extremely timid and unsure what to expect. She held her newborn very close and wasn’t trusting of anyone.

However, the first time she saw her new apartment at Vision House, she tried to hold back tears. She had no idea she was going to get her own room. This is what safe feels like.

Lauren is now safe at Vision House. She’s in counseling to work through her past traumas. And she’s working towards a college degree!

It’s so much more than safe housing. People fleeing abusive relationships need time to heal from their traumas – and Lauren is able to get that time as well.

Her journey isn’t over yet, but she and her child are in a much better place and ready to turn their lives around.

Vision House
… until every child has a home.