10 more families are closer to getting housing

When the siding started going up this week, it started to sink in how close we’re getting to a real building for 10 more families. Our entry team has received a higher than usual number of call this Spring so they’re looking forward to the completion of Building B. We predictably have a large uptick in calls in mid-late fall when the weather gets cold, but we also tend to have a surge in calls in April-May.
The need for the safety of transitional housing continues for families in our neighborhoods. But it’s encouraging to see transformations in the families the Lord has already sent to us. As the community gathered to honor our moms for Mother’s Day, it was easy to see snippets of the Proverbial women so many of them already are—‘clothed with strength and dignity, she laughs without fear of the future.’ We saw this strength in one mom fighting an ongoing legal case that used to cause her extreme anxiety. Now, however, she has become her own best-advocate. From consistent panic, she is now in a place of calm whenever she talks about the case, and has been able to articulate her case to others. She is no longer invested in her own interests within the case, but is seeing it through in hope it will prevent difficulties for others in her circumstances in the future. She trusts in the Lord and the strength and dignity He’s given her.
Much of the building is now wrapped, and the East Wall sided with the same sunny yellow as our facilities in Renton. It’s become easier and easier to imagine the life that will take place behind the security of these windows and walls—which kitchens may come to smell of berbere and curry, which windows may have stickers and little hand prints, which bedrooms may be a teens’ first room of their own or the sacred space where a parent realizes they’re more loved and equipped than they knew, all the rooms that will play host to hundreds of facets of God’s own image in the years to come.

Earlier in the month the team cut up the parking lot to install new water lines. They quickly patched it up with asphalt so that families didn’t experience any interruptions. On the inside of the structure, tub enclosures are going in while piping is being finished up. Even some drywall is being installed!


With all this progress, we remain on track to have keys to the building in mid-fall, with the possibility of at least a couple families moving in by Christmas. We’re looking forward to how this building will transform from being a structure, to a place of hope and restoration. This will mean not only asking that you continue to join us in prayer surrounding the families and staff of Vision House, but that we will soon get to start making decisions about furnishings! As with Jacob’s Well Building A, we will be hosting a program called Adopt-A-Room, through which individuals, churches, and businesses can ‘adopt’ a room or whole unit to supply with furniture, household items, decorations, and hopefully a few extra prayers for the first families to move in!
If you’d like to be added to a contact list to Adopt-A-Room, please email Peggy Mann at peggym@visionhouse.org. We’d love to make sure we don’t miss reaching out to anyone who has it on their heart to participate in blessing the future families of Building B!
Vision House
… until every child has a home.