smiling woman posing with her children

A brave mother rejected abuse

One of our moms endured a long-term relationship in which her partner locked her in the house and forced her to stay inside. Her only purpose was to clean the house, cook and care for the kids. She was so used to how he treated her that she only later realized the extent of his abusive.

After years of abuse, this mother courageously packed everything she could in the car and ran. She feared for her safety, but had to take the risk.

The transition was difficult. This mother worked hard searching for a place where her kids could eat and sleep. She found a shelter where they stayed overnight. During the day they would bus between places just to receive a warm meal.

Eventually she opened up to a family friend about her situation and the friend invited the mother and children to stay for a period of time.

Her family stayed with the friend for a while, but knew it wasn’t realistic to stay much longer. Fitting an extra family into a small apartment was difficult. There wasn’t much privacy and getting ready in the morning took twice as long.

Moving to Vision House provided the opportunity for this mother and her children to create a space of their own.

Her kids have had the chance to process earlier trauma and enjoy the freedom to laugh and play out of doors. She has found a job and worked to become financially responsible.

The mom who was once locked in the house has demonstrated her agency and resilience as she continues shaping the life she wants for herself.

Vision House
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