Mother and young daughter smile

You helped Leah escape the sex trade and find safety!

Leah’s life has completely changed thanks to your generosity and compassion—you won’t believe the difference your gift has made!

Leah was trapped in the sex trade for nearly a decade. Trafficked as a teen, she was physically held hostage during her adolescent years. The men that stole her innocence didn’t sedate her with heroin like they did with other girls, but instead they chose a different bargaining chip—her baby.

When Leah gave birth to a baby girl, Rylee, the despicable men that controlled Leah took her baby away! The only way Leah could see Rylee was if she did what they wanted.

The exploitation and psychological torment continued until the merciful day when another trafficked girl told Leah about a way of escape, and those she could contact to get to safety.

After nearly a decade of sexual slavery, Leah made her break for it one night with her child.

She went from being in the sex trade to now being homeless. Leah found her way to a shelter and spent time processing her trauma. She started to dream of a different reality for herself and Rylee after a decade long nightmare. Leah benefitted from the shelter, but knew she needed help to build a new foundation for her life.

That’s when Leah and Rylee moved to Vision House. Thanks to you, she started to find her confidence.

At Vision House she felt safe enough to identify her trafficker, resulting in his arrest and imprisonment. She has since become a mentor for other women who have been trafficked.

You’ll be pleased to know that little Rylee has also experienced transformation and has even made close friends at Vision House!

Thanks to you and the compassion you show to others like her, Leah is now able to share her story without shame, and without fear! Thank you for giving Leah a place to heal, become empowered and raise her daughter safely.

Vision House
… until every child has a home.