Joanne Spent Thanksgiving in a Shelter

Joanne’s husband was abusive, but she convinced herself it wasn’t that bad— even that it was normal. Then, Joanne got pregnant and had a baby girl named Rylie. After that the abuse became terrifying. Screaming, hitting, and yelling. She never knew when she would have to shield little Rylie from one of his outbursts. What if he hit Rylie? What if he really hurt her little girl?

Joanne knew she had to take Rylie and leave. But she had nowhere to go. No money. Not even a high school diploma. There was no way she could afford an apartment and all the bills on her own. So, Joanne and Rylie went to a temporary homeless shelter – and they spent Thanksgiving there. At the homeless shelter, Rylie was cold. She had a hard time sleeping—strangers were walking around all night. There was no privacy. She wanted the comfort of a home and a warm meal made by her mom.

After several nights in the shelter, she finally found Vision House. Thanks to generous donors like YOU she discovered she could rebuild her life. At Vision House she gained the confidence she needed to go back to school and fulfill her dream of being a teacher. You helped make her dream a reality and she has since enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday in the safety of a warm and loving home. 

Vision House
… until every child has a home.