No Home For The Holidays

Ryan was born while his mom, Katie, was in a rehabilitation facility. Right before Christmas, Katie completed treatment and had to leave the facility but, she had nowhere to go. She had no job, no family or friends to stay with, very little money, and a baby to take care of.

Katie took Ryan to a women’s and children’s shelter. They had to share rooms and bathrooms. Ryan cried a lot (he was just a baby) and Katie felt like a failure of a mom. She was completely overwhelmed and terrified of the future and was starting to lose hope. She was so worried about her baby boy Ryan. That’s no way to feel at Christmas!

There are families in our community just like Katie and Ryan who are struggling this Christmas. Will you provide a special Christmas gift to provide safety, warmth, care, and support for those families? Your donation not only provides safe housing for a homeless family, but you will also give the gift of critical support services to help children process their traumatic experiences. You’ll help them recover from their past and get fully prepared for a healthy, stable and productive life.

Please give Ryan, his mom, and other struggling families, a safe, blessed Christmas this year and the tools they need to build a better future.

Vision House
… until every child has a home.