Natalie rescued herself and her kids

Natalie fled an abusive marriage with nothing but her two boys and a bag of clothes.

She had to lie to escape her husband. He was hurting her and their two boys, Zack and Ryan. Telling him she was taking the boys to a birthday party, this brave mother ran for it… but with the family car and bank accounts registered in her husband’s name, she had nowhere to go, and barely any money of her own.

Natalie wasn’t sure of what to do next. Where would she and the boys end up? She had saved them from horrible abuse, but now what?

A friend referred Natalie to Vision House, where caring donors jumped into action and helped provide Natalie and her boys with safe housing and support to begin their new lives.

After living safely at Vision House for a year, Natalie was ready to move into permanent housing… but the coronavirus crisis was beginning.

Yet again, Natalie was uncertain of what the future would look like for her and her sons. People were starting to lose jobs, schools were closing, and childcare was getting tough.

But because a generous community of donors care about moms like Natalie, she was reassured that even though she was moving into her own home, she would not be alone. Whatever obstacles the coronavirus brought to Natalie, she could always reach out to Vision House for help.

Today, this resilient mother and her boys are safe! For the first time in her life, Natalie has an apartment and a car registered in her own name.

Natalie’s story is an amazing testament to the courage of mothers who bravely pursue the lives they want for themselves, and for their children. It is also a beautiful representation of miracles made possible when a community comes alongside and supports mothers in those important journeys.


Vision House
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