No more nights in a car

When the coronavirus hit Seattle, Ben—a veteran—had already been living in a car with his family for a year and a half. The crisis made finding help even harder.

Ben was determined. He’d been searching for housing for his wife and three kids ever since they found themselves homeless. He called every service agency he could think of, but each agency either couldn’t help, or didn’t pick up the phone.

Despite his efforts, life grew even more difficult for Ben and his family with the onset of the coronavirus. Support was harder to access. Many places closed their doors. It was difficult to find food or even a place to use the bathroom. No matter where they looked, they couldn’t find showers.

Ben grew more discouraged with each dead-end. Living in a car was cramped and exhausting for the family of five. The nights were cold, and they longed for the space and safety of a home.

Eventually, Ben reached out to Vision House, where generous donors had helped keep our doors open throughout the pandemic. Because of their support, Ben was able to speak to someone at Vision House the first time he called.

A caseworker found Ben and his family the help they needed straight away. Not long after that, this resilient father and his family were sleeping in their own apartment!

No more scrunched nights in a car, no more long days searching for showers, toilets or food.

Thanks to a caring community and the persistence of this dad, Ben and his family can weather the rest of the pandemic from the space and safety of their very own home.

Vision House
… until every child has a home.