Permanent housing in a pandemic!

Jenny moved into permanent housing—in a pandemic!

Generous donors made it possible, during the first wave of the coronavirus, for Jenny to receive the help she needed to move into her own home.

Connecting families with government resources is difficult in normal circumstances. The coronavirus has made it nearly impossible.

Most government agencies are either closed, or have jammed phone lines with long wait times.

After weeks of trying with no success to contact the agencies she needed to move into permanent housing, Jenny nearly gave up on ever living in her own home.

The frustration of working so hard to move into permanent housing—only to come up against a wall of no communication—felt debilitating.

For years, Jenny had worked to get stable. She found and kept a job, paid off her debts and saved some money. This resilient mom was so proud of how far she’d come, but the coronavirus crisis made her feel like the hard work was all for nothing.

The generous community of donors supporting Vision House showed Jenny there are people who care about her, and she is not alone. Through their support, Jenny was able to get the help she needed.

Today, Jenny lives in her own home!

This is a difficult season for families transitioning from homelessness. Yet stories like Jenny’s give so much hope, demonstrating families do not have to face housing challenges on their own. There is a caring community willing to come alongside these families and support them through their goals.

For Jenny, that made all the difference.



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