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Resolution Day is July 15th, 2021

What it is:

Resolution Day is a 24-hour call to action centered on the issue of homelessness. On July 15th, we take one day out of the year to pause and consider our neighbors experiencing homelessness and the community organizations that dedicate themselves to serving them. On Resolution Day, together, we stand Resolute to end homelessness. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can make a difference in the lives of our unhoused neighbors!

Why it matters:

Homelessness is a community issue that will require all of us to adequately address. And we all have the potential to make a difference. Resolution Day is an opportunity to make a commitment to being a part of the solution in ending homelessness. The solution lies in community and we need the power of collective action to truly better the lives of folks who are living unhoused.

How it works:

On Resolution Day, we call on everyone in our community to visit our website to learn about some of the amazing organizations that are working in the space of homelessness and commit to supporting one or more groups. There are several ways to make a difference on Resolution Day — give financially, donate needed essential items, or commit to volunteering. We all can make a difference in the lives of someone experiencing homelessness. Every commitment of time, talent, and treasure impacts organizations’ ability to continue fulfilling their mission to serve our neighbors in need. In the days leading up to Resolution Day, take a moment to read or listen to the stories that organizations share. It is through these stories that we can understand the complexities of homelessness at a deeper level and realize the impact that we can make by getting involved with local organizations.


There are 25 different organizations that work directly or indirectly in the space of homelessness that are participating in the inaugural Resolution Day. Visit to learn more.

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