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Thirty years ago, the story of a mother and daughter experiencing homelessness moved John and Susan Camerer to dedicate their lives to creating environments in which men, women and children had the necessary support to transition out of homelessness. Today, we are excited to announce the publication of their own story. In celebration of Vision House’s…

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No more nights in a car

When the coronavirus hit Seattle, Ben and his family had already been living in their car for a year and a half. The crisis made finding help even harder for them. But with your support, this family received the care they needed to find a stable, warm home! Thank you! After Ben, a veteran, and…

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Adopt-A-Room Update

Thank you for your investment in Adopt-a-Room for Building B at Vision House Shoreline (Jacob’s Well). Because of you, incoming residents will have a warm and welcoming living space to call home.   We are excited to see significant changes on Building B! The recent break in the weather allowed painters to paint the exterior. Additionally,…

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No Homeless Kids Benefit Breakfast

Thank you to everyone who came to the No Homeless Kids Benefit Breakfast on October 22nd.  The room was full of generous donors who helped raise $300,000 for families experiencing homelessness. That’s 5000 nights of safety for families. Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event, attended the event, volunteered their time, provided a monetary…

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Joanne Spent Thanksgiving in a Shelter

Joanne’s husband was abusive, but she convinced herself it wasn’t that bad— even that it was normal. Then, Joanne became pregnant and had a baby girl named Rylie. After that the abuse was terrifying. Screaming, hitting, and yelling. She never knew when she would have to shield Rylie from one of her husband’s outbursts. What…

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Bless a Family by Adopting a Room!

Does this look like a mess to you? Actually, this is progress! Drywall is going up on Shoreline Jacob’s Well Building B which means we are getting closer to finished apartments that will house 10 more families struggling out of homelessness. As the weather turns cooler, our entry team continues to receive a record high…

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Sex-trade survivor, empowered mother

Leah was trapped in the sex trade for nearly a decade. Trafficked as a teen, she was physically held hostage during her adolescent years. The men enslaving her didn’t sedate Leah with heroin like they did with other girls, but instead they chose a different bargaining chip—her baby.

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