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Permanent housing in a pandemic!

Jenny moved into permanent housing—in a pandemic! Generous donors made it possible, during the first wave of the coronavirus, for Jenny to receive the help she needed to move into her own home. Connecting families with government resources is difficult in normal circumstances. The coronavirus has made it nearly impossible. Most government agencies are either…

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Natalie rescued herself and her kids

Natalie fled an abusive marriage with nothing but her two boys and a bag of clothes. She had to lie to escape her husband. He was hurting her and their two boys, Zack and Ryan. Telling him she was taking the boys to a birthday party, this brave mother ran for it… but with the…

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Sex-trade survivor, empowered mother

Leah was trapped in the sex trade for nearly a decade. Trafficked as a teen, she was physically held hostage during her adolescent years. The men enslaving her didn’t sedate Leah with heroin like they did with other girls, but instead they chose a different bargaining chip—her baby.

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A brave mother rejected abuse

One of our moms endured a long-term relationship in which her partner locked her in the house and forced her to stay inside. Her only purpose was to clean the house, cook and care for the kids. She was so used to how he treated her that she only later realized the extent of his…

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Construction Is Busy, But So Are Our Families

The trusses have been raised, sheeting placed, and there is a roof on Building B! The inside of the building has dried and the plumbers are busy. The team is making progress quickly! It’s been a whirlwind of activity—and it’s been a similar whirlwind in Building A. In the last few weeks we’ve had three…

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Lauren finally feels safe

Lauren is no stranger to abuse. She grew up with it and met a man who became abusive. The relationship started out great, but once they got married everything went downhill. Night and day Lauren feared for her life, but she didn’t want to just leave her husband. One day she found out she was…

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Vision House
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