No child should be homeless. Because so many are, Vision House is here. Thanks to caring and generous people like you, children are able to live at Vision House with their families and are discovering security, safety… and joy. There are many ways you can help during the holidays:

Giving Tree

A great holiday project for your team! Christmas Giving Tree

  1. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with hand-made gift tags, brochures, instructions, etc.
  2. You hang the gift tags on a Christmas tree or any holiday display for people in your workplace, church or community
  3. Your friends, staff, and/or clients remove the tags and provide the gift cards requested.
  4. You deliver the gift cards to Vision House in Shoreline or Renton by Wednesday, December 18th…in time for Christmas!

Gift cards empower parents to purchase their own gifts, groceries, and items consistent with their holiday traditions and culture. Additional gift cards are used throughout the year as needs arise. Donating through the Giving Tree helps a family experiencing homelessness like Casey’s…

“When my son, Casey, and I were homeless, we lost everything. We came to Vision House with just the clothes on our backs. Casey was a pre-teen and growing fast, so he barely fit in the few clothes he had. Vision House gave us gift cards so we could buy him new clothes. Those clothes and new shoes helped him feel more confident when he started at his new school.”

If you have questions or would like to sign up to host a Giving Tree, email or call 425-228-6356.

Gift cards need to be dropped off at either our Renton or Shoreline location by Wednesday, December 18th.


Help a family recovering from homelessness by providing new items they truly need. You will be given a gift guide listing items for each family member. We also ask that clothing gift cards are provided for each family member (total of $100/adult; $50/child). You can also provide gift wrapping paper so our Vision House mothers can experience the joy of wrapping the items for their children to open at Christmas.

If you would like to sign up for the Adopt-a-Family program or have questions, email Karen at or call 425-228-6356.

Adopt-a-Family items need to be dropped off at either our Renton or Shoreline location by Tuesday, December 3rd.

Adopt-a-Future Family

You can provide essential household items that will create a warm, healing, living environment for incoming homeless parents and children. By purchasing these items now, you will help families moving into Vision House feel welcomed and valued. Examples of items needed are new bedding, bath towels, cleaning supplies, kitchen items, etc.

For a full list of needed items and more information about the Adopt-a-Future Family program, click here. 

If you have questions or would like to sign up for the Adopt-a-Future Family program, email Karen at or call 425-228-6356.

Another option is to order needed items on the Vision House AmazonSmile Wish List. Your order will ship directly to our Vision House headquarters.

(Please Note: Vision House is an Amazon Associate and will receive compensation from you clicking our link.)

Adopt-a-Future Family items need to be dropped off at either our Renton or Shoreline location by Friday, December 27th.

Not able to host a Giving Tree or Adopt-a-Family?

You can still change the life of a child – give a financial gift today!

Make a Donation