We’re excited you’re interested in volunteering with Vision House. You will make a big difference in the life of someone who’s in need. Your own heart might even be changed. That’s just the power of service — and giving yourself, your time and your talents to others.

We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at Vision House through the promotion of our core values of: Christ-centered integrity, helping and service, achievement, respect, and teamwork.

Note: Due to our location, we can only accept local Washington State volunteers, but please feel free to make a gift here.

If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit the interest form below.

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Shoreline Volunteer Opportunities:

Renton Volunteer Opportunities:

If you are interested in a group volunteer project at our Renton facility, please contact Debbie Gannon by e-mail or at 425-228-6356. If you are interested in a group volunteer project at our Shoreline facility, please contact Julie Wagner by e-mail or at 206-812-8834.

Vision House believes that volunteers have the right to:

  • Be given meaningful assignments and time used wisely
  • Be treated as a co-worker, not just “free help”
  • Know about the organization, its mission, its policies, its people and its programs
  • Be provided effective orientation, training, support, supervision and evaluation
  • Sound guidance and direction, by someone who is experienced, well-informed, patient and thoughtful
  • An effective place to work that is orderly, designated, conducive and suitable for the job to be done
  • Enhance skills and knowledge, through advancement to assignments of more responsibility
  • Be heard, to have respect shown for comments and suggestions as well as to participate in planning
  • Be appropriately recognized for their efforts
Vision House
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