Child Care

Safe child care is crucial for families trying to get back on their feet. Limitless potential. That’s what we believe about every child at Children’s Village.

We provide not only child care, but early childhood education to families in the community and families living at Vision House — all tailored to meet the needs of the child and his or her family. This includes age appropriate technology training.

Our beautifully designed center includes six spacious classrooms, a child-sized café and a state-of-the-art kitchen. There is also an outdoor play area with a special section for infants.

We understand every child learns and grows at his or her own special pace. It should be no surprise; all of us have been uniquely created. In an effort to ensure kids can just be kids, we strive to cultivate playfulness and curiosity. In this we have established the following goals in working with each child:


  • Build a foundation for school competence and kindergarten readiness
  • Develop a child into a self-confident, risk-taking, lifelong learner
  • Balance a child initiated and teacher facilitated learning environment


  • Provide activities and environments that are safe, healthy and inviting
  • Offer a balance of rest and activity


  • Foster an environment of love and acceptance based on the example of Jesus
  • Teach children to honor and respect each person, fostering an appreciation for both the similarities and differences of their peers
  • Create an active partnership with families based on cooperation and respect

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… until every child has a home.