Diversion is a light-touch approach that engages families early in their homeless crisis.

Through an exploratory conversation with a family, a Vision House staff member trained in the techniques of Diversion works with that family to see beyond their current crisis and identify realistic housing options based on their own resources. For some families, tapping into their own connections represents their best shot at becoming housed quickly.

At our Diversion Center in Renton, we provide one-on-one, in-person assistance by appointment.  This support includes:

  • access to computers
  • guidance in navigating community resources
  • laundry and shower facilities
  • tangible items such as clothing, bus tickets, gift cards, etc.

Diversion Program: Amazing success . . . by the numbers

  • 562 families received assistance from our Diversion Program in 2020 including: referral information to housing options and community resources, access to computers, and tangible items such as clothing, gift cards, bus tickets, etc.
  • 18 of those 562 families moved straight into permanent housing.

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