Family Services Program

Our family services program provides critical resources and guidance to help families experiencing homeless and for families on the brink of homelessness. Our family services provide critical resources to two kinds of families:

  • A homeless family transitioning into permanent housing
  • A family on the brink of homelessness

These services include case management and guidance. But they also include classes and training that lead to transformation. Whether it’s vocational, life skills, parenting or health and wellness, these classes are designed to address and remove the friction points that cause tension within the family.

But it’s more than that, by addressing these areas, many times individuals will uncover their God-given gifts and talents . . . and discover the power and pride of independence. They find out what it means to live with hope.

Amazing success . . . by the numbers

  • 182 previously homeless individuals received housing and critical support services last year. That’s 115 children, 59 mothers and 8 fathers.
  • In 2018, 96% of Vision House families transitioned successfully to permanent housing.


Homeless families need safe housing. There’s no way around that fact. Every individual on the planet deserve a roof over their heads. But at the same time . . . people have a responsibility to resolve the crisis in their lives that led them to homelessness to begin with.

That’s why we don’t offer families permanent housing. Only temporary so that they can have a laser focus on the issues in their lives and hearts that prevent them from independence.

This isn’t a handout. This is a way for individuals and families deal the root causes of their homelessness. When you deal with the root . . . the problem goes away. For good.

Amazing success . . . by the numbers

  • 23 families at risk of becoming homeless were prevented from eviction in 2017.
  • 198 families received financial or housing support last year. 43% were diverted to either permanent or public housing.
Vision House
… until every child has a home.