Family Services
Learn more below about what we can do to serve families experiencing homelessness.


Our Process






Diversion is a light-touch approach that engages families early in their homeless crisis.

Through an exploratory conversation with a family, a Vision House staff member skilled in problem solving works with that family to see beyond their current crisis and identify realistic housing options based on their own resources. For some families, tapping into their own connections represents their best shot at becoming housed quickly.

At our Diversion Centers in Renton and Burien, we provide one-on-one, in-person assistance by appointment.  This support includes:

  • access to computers for housing and employment searches
  • guidance in navigating community resources
  • laundry and shower facilities
  • tangible items such as clothing, bus tickets, grocery gift cards, etc.


Family Program

Vision House provides a program with transitional housing in Renton and Shoreline, Washington to help families experiencing homelessness move from crisis, to stability and permanent housing.

Our program provides the time for a family to stabilize and build life skills before transitioning into permanent housing. Supportive services include temporary housing, individual guidance, life-skills classes and training. Whether it’s vocational, parenting, or health and wellness, these classes are designed to address and remove the friction points that cause tension within a family, as well as build resilience and promote transformation within the family.

But it’s more than that. By addressing these areas, individuals often uncover their God-given gifts and talents. They are supported in their pursuit of long-term stability, and encouraged to live with hope.

Families need the time and space to resolve the crises in their lives that led them to homelessness to begin with. This isn’t a handout. This is a way for individuals and families to deal with the root causes of their homelessness. When you deal with the root, the problem goes away. For good.


Case Management

Each head of household receives guidance and continual support from our experienced staff to encourage individuals to develop and work toward a vision for their future. In setting goals, families have the opportunity to work towards completing educational and employment goals to create a stable future. 


Youth and Family Advocacy

Each family is paired with a Youth and Family Advocate. Our Youth and Family Advocates work with each child within a family to preserve and promote stability within the parent-child relationship, as well as sibling relationships.

Our staff helps each child reach age-appropriate social-emotional, academic, and developmental goals.


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