Mar 14, 2024

Immediate openings available in our child care centers

Vision House’s Children’s Village has immediate openings in our child care centers. Our Renton and Shoreline locations invite applications for families with infants through pre-school age children, and we would love to hear from you!

At Children’s Village, we view each child as an individual with limitless potential. We want to foster your child’s curiosity and build an innate love for learning, as well as encourage and support cognitive, physical, and spiritual development.

Our child care centers feature beautiful, spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art kitchens for healthy meals and snacks. There are outdoor play areas for all the children to enjoy, as well as a special section for infants. 

Our curriculum focuses learning around the interests of your child, along with age-appropriate technology training, and learning assessments twice each year. Our caring teachers each have a minimum of 30 hours of Child Care Basic training, and each one receives additional training in:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Food Handling
  • Mandated Reporting
  • Safe Sleep
  • Emergency and Disaster preparedness
  • Trauma Informed Care Safety & Supervision
  • Positive Discipline Techniques

If you are interested in learning more about Children’s Village Child Care, please consider taking a tour of the facility (complete this form). After the tour, you may complete enrollment paperwork, at which time there is a $100 registration fee.

To learn more about our philosophy, parent involvement, fees, and what a normal day would look like for your child, download the Parent Handbook here.

The four pillars of our child care centers are cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Here’s what that means to us:

Cognitive Development

To develop school competence and kindergarten readiness

To support each child into becoming a self-confident, risk-taking, lifelong learner

To recognize that all children learn differently and are not on the same timeline 

To foster a balanced child-initiated, teacher-facilitated learning environment

Physical Development

To provide activities and an environment that are safe, healthy, and inviting

To balance rest and activity

Emotional Development

To meet children’s needs in a caring atmosphere

To treat children’s feelings with respect

To provide an emotionally supportive and stimulating environment 

To offer activities designed to challenge, not frustrate

To encourage children to express themselves appropriately and constructively

To structure the days with consistency, but not rigidity

Spiritual Development

To foster a feeling of being loved and welcomed

To provide an environment where the love of Jesus is expressed openly

To teach children to honor and respect each person regardless of cultural differences or differing abilities

We are a Christian child care center. The principles of our child care are based on the idea that all children are equally and uniquely created by God. Each classroom spends time with bible stories, singing, and prayer, although should you prefer your child not participate, alternative activities can be provided.

Ultimately, we want to support parents and families as the child’s primary and first teachers, and to create partnerships with families based on cooperation and respect so we can all support and celebrate your child’s development.

If this sounds like a place your child would thrive, please contact us today! We have immediate openings available and look forward to hearing from you!